Sunday, November 29, 2009

Backyard Renovations

Here is a sneak peak of an aquistition I made on Friday from the amazingly talented local artist Nathan (click to go to his web site). This particular art work is 1.1mtrs x .9mtrs and will feature in the our Kitchen Renovation eventually. Now she is home I will take some yummy shots of her myself and post them later of the exquisite details. Mind you  I was supposed to be just commissioning a feature for the backyard works with Nathan but had to have this one too when I saw it in person. The backyard art work Nathan is designing for me will be a triptych approx 3mtrs long and in similar colours with a Medusa inspired female and food feast theme given it will go above the cooking areas.

Nathan has done some stunning work together with Kester who has just completed the makeovers mentioned in my last post on our backyard and the front water feature- you must check out his website for his amazing works like the one above. He has placed a similar version of this pond in our backyard with a 3mtr  water wall where this peacock mosaic is in this picture beside the alfresco dining area. This pond then flows into the main feature which is a second larger Water Wall into a Koi Pond which is approx 12mtrs + long  and has a 2.5mtr long glass section in it to see into the pond and the Koi Fish like an aquarium of sorts. This has all been stage one and we now have stage two commencing with  3 new cedar roofs to go in next over the outdoor kitchen area, the Alfresco Dining and Entrance from the Back Door.  More noise, Chaos, Early Mornings and Dust! 

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carmen said...

Renovations are right up there on the "Never To Do List", but once you survived it feels so good.
Very beautiful mosaics.


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