Friday, October 23, 2009

Melt Art , Texture Paste and Goldens.

I must confess give me colour and texture and I think I am most likley in my favourite zone when it comes to creative time. I am in the process of working with just these mediums on a new project and so was inspired to share these older faves in the meantime.

This photo shows a mould I made from a brooch of mine that I have never been quite game enough to wear - love to repurpose!  So a mould from some of Suzi's 2 part moulding compound was createdand then poured into with her clear UTEE. This gives me the perfect way to use it over and over again  in a variety of colours and textures once tarted up they all have a character all of thier own. All I have done on this one was is to use my Golden Paints and colour her up to my hearts content no sealers required before or after.

However of course there is always left over paint and left over mess from any creation of mine and  the temptation to use it all up on anything else around me is usually the next step. There were these pieces left over from a swap some of you may recognise and they were soon revamped as well into the following work using the same techniques.

Now for those of you who actually read to the bottom of posts here is a giggle for you - I have been very quite and unable to blog over the past 6 days because I - yes me - not my son as he moved on some time ago now actually exceeded my massive download limit for the month and so was booted off! I have never done that before in my life and had to laugh at some now fond memories when this was usually a result of excessive downloads by a teeneager hoarding music and movies onto his computorium as he would call it. If he reads this I will never live it down!

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Svetlana said...

This looks G-R-E-A-T!!!!!


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