Friday, October 16, 2009

A Place to Bark - Get Involved!

Earlier this year I had the great fortune to meet in person and actually work along side the one and only very very talented and adorable Bernie Berlin in a class of hers on ATC techniques. I was attending the Creative Soul Retreat in Melbourne whereby I met not only Bernie but also DJ Petitt and Stephanie Lee over a three day weekend. Needless to say that it all ended too soon but I did  have the fortune to meet and make many new friends along the way with a bevy of new creative skills.

Well it was whilst we all got to know Bernie on a personal level  over the three days that I learnt of her amazing tireless efforts to save dogs especially from the puppy pounds that breed puppys in horrible conditions to make a profit over their welfare. Bernie actually runs this shelter full time and it seems so very often over crowded and in much demand with a great degree of passion as well as her art.  Bernie's tireless efforts on this project or hers unfortunately  also has to incorporate a great deal of fund raising to make it all possible and at the moment has rallied up some 21 artists that we all know and love to support her by donating original works of art which are currently up for auction via the eBay auction Party Animals as advertised above.

In the hope that you might at least visit her site A Place to Bark and look into the great work she does and even place a bid on one of the many auctions to help raise some much needed funding that I post this message to you all. I myself just love Suzi Blu's painting and at the time of this posting was the lead bidder (fingers crossed), but of course I am keeping a very close eye on a few others too, so check them out now!

Bernie and myself on the last day.

Life long friends made at CSR 2009 - my roomies at the retreat Nic Hohn and Lady Di.


carmen said...

What a great lady. I have a lot of compassion for animals. I love my dogs to bits and would do anything for them. Good luck with the painting.

Lady Di said...

Good stuff promoting Bernie's site ... my pooch is my baby and I love him to bits. Nice to see me in a pic ... I love that photo.


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