Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cherish Friends - Weekend Class Results

Here is a sneak peak of a weekend class I did with Miss Mel Connell at Scraptivate - more to come, gotta get the housework done first LOL!

You can check out all the photo's on this project in the meantime on my Flickr Account here

Okay the worst of the housework is done so here is some more. I went to a class with my friend Nicole on Saturday to do this beautiful Shadow Box Canvas designed by Mel at Scraptivate. Nicole has just become a Grandma for the first time so it was perfect for her 'precious' baby boy Nate with a few twists on the colour theme of course.

I on the other hand had no idea as usual what photo I was going to use but this one just popped for me on the day with the colour theme of some very cherished friends of mine I made whilst last at a Medical Retreat oversea's for some much need holistic health care called Sanoviv (click on the word to check it out or on Dr Wentz Blog Here ). The above photo was taken before I placed the clear plastic over it with it's front frame for protection. Mel had us use a canvas reversed so we had a shadow box to work with, so we covered all the yuckky staples with a very clever frame made with with gesso and stencils. 

 We played most of the time with the golden paints and gesso getting the frame ready and making just a little mess :). I've never really played much with butterfly's before but must say I rather liked it. Mel has this 'pen and palm' of your hand roll that just makes them come to life that was so easy! I guess I will be playing some more with butterflys now....
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Mel Connell said...

It looks beautiful. Thanks for coming Brenda always a pleasure and a delight to see you! xxx

carmen said...

I just love the beautiful fresh, crisp colours of spring. Can't beat flowers, ribbon and butterflies. A lethal combination.

Megan B said...

My efforts to sabotage your class were foiled by the masterful Mel-Belle and you had fun AND made that beautiful masterpiece, well I did my best, LOL!!!!! Wouldn't have stuffed up for anyone less than my two favourite girls!! So glad it all worked out, guess I'll have to shout chockies on Tuesday...


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