Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Work in Progress

I must admit that the vast majority of my creative time over the past two years has been spent exploring all sorts of techniques and mediums in the pursuit of attempting to find my footing back into the world of art to create a future for where I might like to go on my journey of life. Over the next few days I will be endeavouring to digitally capture some of this journey specifically through my small collection of ATC's , Paper Arts, Glass, Silversmithing and other mediums to share via this wonderful new blogging process you have all introduced me too.  I intend firstly to catalogue everything in my Flickr site and then select a few photos here as I blog about it.  So I invite you to see more pictures and close ups on flicker than is practical here.
I plan to start with my adventure into the ATC world with Kelsey of Scraptivate and Lorrie and Bec Lennox of Scrappindippity who  originally introduced me to this amazing world wide addictiion and of course the life long and creative friends I have made along the way.
By the way these two ATCs were scanned I think I am going to like photographing them better - any advice?


Lady Di said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Brenda, I'm sure you'll love it. It's such a lovely community and I've met people from all over the world. In terms of scanning or photographing, I scan if the piece is flat, I photograph if the piece is dimensional. I don't have a great camera, so taking photos is my last option. Look forward to keeping in touch.

Davinia said...

Hi Brenda, I find I have much better success scanning my ATC's than photographing them most of the time. But I only have a digial point & shoot, if you have a DSLR that may make a difference.

Brenda Grace said...

Thanks Girls - I guess we all know how beautiful we think they are in person and are disappointed when we see them on the screen. Fact is if I think about it how many times have I loved an ATC on the screen of some one else's and not really devalued it at all for not knowing the difference :) I concur with you Lady Di - two styles two processes. Thanks again

carmen said...

I had a look through your flicker. I love how you use a lot of colour. Working with vintage images can tend to look all "brown". You do very immaculate work.


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