Monday, September 7, 2009

The Divine Miss Lotta

Recently I have been very blessed to make the acquaintance with the Divine Miss Lotta or better known as Princess Lotta to her friends.

At the end of last year I attended a 'Lost Wax Casting' workshop at the Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC) tutored by the adorable Sarah Elson in my pursuit of silversmithing and jewellery making. It was here that the infectious personality of Lotta first attracted my attention and our friendship was born.

Since then we have been nicely bumbling along with an occasional catch up mostly of her gracious invites to events I have been totally unaware of like our first  joint venture at the David Walker Work Shop at the National Gallery in the pursuit of our desire for excellence in jewellery making (see Lotta's blog for that one, link below) and then just this weekend at the 'unwrapped' market at PICA as part of the whole fashion week extravaganza.

The irony is that July last year I attended the very first 'Made on the Left' market as a sneak peak into the world of what and where I thought I might like to go creativley again as an exhibitor. If you notice below there is a black rose in the upper left hand corner that is actually a ring - this was the only item I bought on the day and have worn with glee ever since.

Well you have most likely guessed that when I met Lotta at the FAC several months later and then looked up her blog which lead me to her Etsy site - I realised it was one in the same person! WOW ( her husband was manning the store at the time )

So of course for my son's recent 21st birthday she made me the ultimate matching two piece ensemble necklace to go with my favourite ring. You can see me wearing it in the photo to the left at his birthday under the family heading. Lotta has her full range also available at Behind the Monkey in Mt Lawley and if you a handmade jewellery addict like me this is a treasure trove you must see of so many talented people.

Funny how some things are just meant to be and how the universe just makes it so. I have had quite a few of these lately it seems.


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carmen said...

Just love what she made for you. Very classy. I myself will dabble a little bit in the world of jewellery making.


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