Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Quick Good Morning and Share

This morning was just stunning with the first real rays of sunlight pounding through all my windows I was inspired to share what seems to be the very welcomed day of spring. My computer where I am actually sitting right now cannot even be seen in the photo below for all the sun.

 From this window I look out onto the front of my home onto my patio where we often have breakfast and you may be able to make out the pots of annuals  that are process of being planted for the upcoming months of summer. This patio is always my favourite place to sit and watch the world go by. I will be excitedly blogging about this patio in upcoming weeks as my larger than life angelic bronze statue has finally arrived and the water feature guy is installing o so soon. I can't wait this will not only make a grand statement to the entrance but most of all flowing water sounds to my office and kitchen which are the windows to the left in the photo.

But most of all my favourite plant of all time within view of my office window is my very own Divine Camelia - Stunning dont you think?


carmen said...

What a beautiful Camelia. It's nice to have a little splash of colour around this time of the year. Looking forward to seeing a post of the new water feature.

Audrey said...

Your blog is beautiful Brenda and so is your creations. I'll be back, thankyou for sharing and inspiring.

I love your blinkies too!! ;0)


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