Monday, September 21, 2009

Polyvore - A First Attempt and Quick Share For You ......

I literally created this in a matter of minutes on a very clever site called Polyvore after Nic Hohn referred me to the site via her blog for some journal fun - try it out you are going to love it! 

First Love
First Love by brendagrace on

It all starts with a quick shop just as we all love (with out the credit card) collecting items you might like, lots of other work to get inspired about along the way and then some fun editing and 'bang' you get to publish, keep and share - and all for free might I add!


Davinia said...

That looks amazing Brenda, what will you do with it? Given you a shout out over on my blog too, with a link. Hope we can catch up soon.

Brenda Grace said...

Actually once you make them you can send them via an email - sent it to Nino to find at work today when he got in.

MNore fun than stamping or should I say less mess than stamping. There are actually a lot of stamp images on the database to use and you can change the direction and shpae of them. Some people have done some spectacular work.

I have saved them to my hard drive and they are then also printable - postacrds are my first thought.


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