Sunday, September 20, 2009


"O MY GOSH!" - I can't believe todays news! I got this message below and nearly fell off my chair with delight!!!!!!!!!!

"Hi Miss Brenda! What a lovely blog to visit! So many gorgeous things to see!
You won a prize from my Blogversary giveaway! You can find it here . I think I have your address still. If I don't I'll contact you again. Thanks for helping me celebrate. Hope you enjoy your prize! marsha "

This is it - "Dreamporium" and it could not be more perfect at this point in my life! I very proudly own 3 originals of the Divine 'Miss Marsha's' work from 'Tumble Fish Studios' and 3 Limited editition prints, sorry now 4. Will post photo's and blab soon but be sure to check out her work for yourself as she has a free image page avaiable at the moment!


Davinia said...

Almost like winning the lottery you lucky lady. Love her work and visit her blog often. Well done you!

carmen said...

Well, hard work pays off. You have put a lot of effort into your Blog and you deserve it.
I also check out her side and enjoy what she does.

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I'll have to give you more prizes - wow! I got the real prize in your excitement! There's nothing more tickling than knowing someone likes what you gave them. So, YOU made MY day! I'll have this in the mail in the next couple of days! And, I'll be back for many more visits as I finally start to get caught up around here. Thank you Miss Brenda for all of your ongoing support and your generous words. They mean more to me than you know and it would be dangerous for both of us if we lived closer. I'd pick your brain too!


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