Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yummy Fabric Wrap Belts

A gorgeous girlfriend of mine Debra invited a group of friends over to play on her sewing machines for an afternoon of girly stuff so that we could replicate her most desirable wrap belts that she wears often to our delight.

Well my little head just couldn't get around all the yummy colours, textures and beads that I just had to have it all of course. So with lots of crazy random machine embroidery my little ' belly dancer' days got into the creative 'JuJu' of this little number as you can tell! 

We ripped up old silk shirts, skirts and anything that was fair game if it had colour or glamour applied to it in any fashion. Hoards of yummy bling from any where and every where were spread before us like a feast. We pleated, scrunched, ripped and tore and occasionally swore when those needles broke! But otherwise we just went to town or at least I did.

 I am yet to complete it for photo's of it adorning my hips, but do have plans for matching shoes at least to complete the look! Just imagine?

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71571.411 said...

A mutual friend Karen Kapusta from Denver area who met you at Sanoviv recommended your site to me. I too spend time at Sanoviv. Met a lovely lady from Australia there. Worked in your country in the early 1980s (mining). Still have friend there. Been to Fremantle - love the sail boats!

I particularly love your heritage slide show. Gives me ideas for my Nancy Drew scrapbook like I'd like to do. And for my family genealogy too.

I always admire talented artsy people. Keep up the good work.
---Beverly A. Matz (Denver Area)

Trudi-Anne Gribble said...

A friend from Baldivis said I can't imagine you wearing this sort of item Brenda, but I know when and if you do, you will definitely have those matching shoes.
Yes it was an enjoyable day and we did have a lot of fun. I have worn mine too to our usual get togethers and got lots of comments also. Trudi-Anne
Keep up the good work

Susie Jefferson said...

Oh, I love this - very lush! Gorgeous colours - and it's nice to see that signature! Well done.

carmen said...

Nice way of using up leftover material. Colourful and yummy. I will be watching you. Can't wait to see you wearing it.

Brenda Grace said...

Love to you all - I promise you I do have the courage and gaity to get away with wearing it some day soon with matching shoes!

Bec said...

That's looking gorgeous!

Love the crinkly green and the pleated purple.


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