Sunday, October 11, 2009

Susie = Sanity!

I found a site to create my own signature at the end of my posts mid last week - dam didn't work, couldn't get it right, frustration set in and the whole process got the better of me might I say! Then I thought to contact the most divine Ms Susie of First Floor Flat  to ask if she could advise where I was maybe going wrong.

Well to my delight she wrote an entire very detailed and extended version of just how to do everything and more with regards to personalising your very own signature click here - like the white box issue, the boarder issue, backdating your signature process and HTML scripts the works! Hooray, now here I have  my very own signature but only thanks to Susie and some last minute help with some transparency issues from my super clever brother.

post signature


Susie Jefferson said...

Oh my - this is a glowing review! Thanks so much - I'm just glad I could help. Any problems, just scream...

carmen said...

The personalized Signature gives it a nice touch.


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