Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Newest Family Member - Sun Conure


It was my partner Nino's birthday recently and he has been so wanting an Avery for such a long time I decided I would  get it started for him as a surprise this year (and they say grown men don't cry!). 

Months ago we ( Nicole and I ) schemed up a plan to get him a hand raised baby Sun Conure as close as possible to his birthday. Well we were able to bring this one home on Sunday only a week late so I was pretty happy with that and Nino was esctatic. In the photo slide you will see the parents, the breeder, it's first feeding at home and it's siblings all taken since Sunday.

You may wonder why I am calling it 'it' because we can't decide /agree what to name it. You cannot tell with Sun Conure without invasive and expensive surgery what sex they are which makes it even harder to decide. So any one who has a suggestion it would be well received - at the moment it is just known as 'cheeky' because he is such a character.

Sun Conure's apart from being so colourful are the most affectionate and cuddly bird I have ever known. They can be taught to talk some what but they are best known for thier personality and cuddles. I can see more to come in the coming years along with 28's and Rosella's I am informed. I daresay the second backyard is about to become a bird sanctuary knowing Nino.


carmen said...

What a cutie. And so pretty a real little heartbraeker.

Annie said...

oh, it's just adorable! I didn't realise 'it' was so young. I'd love to meet it one day. I am still amazed at what a character my Monty has - I just love him to bits.


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