Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ATC's and New Light Box - Testing

Had to play with my new light box before going to bed since buying it earlier today. So bear with me and let me know how it shows up on your screens if you don't mind by leaving a comment for me 'please please pretty please' as my mother would say. Especially before  I go ahead and photograph them all (again ) LOL

This one titled 'Forbidden Tales ' was created a few months ago with Kelsey at Scraptivate in her fortnightly technique classes. Her technique has us using a scrunched up piece of tissue paper in the background and then using an embossing pad over the raised surface with an embossing powder. You can see her work on her blog listed in my favourite blogs as KO OK to the right, and you can see more of this particular ATC in various shots on my Flickr account -Enjoy!

Tell me if you see a difference - the top picture was taken in a different spot in the light box than this one and this one was uploaded from Flickr as opposed to the first one was direct from my hard drive. I seem to find the one's from Flickr look better but are often shaped wrong?


lisa_crofts said...

I remember you making this atc and I thought it was beautiful then. As to images the top one looks clearer but bottom one looks warmer. It is probably just me but I had a bit of trouble scrolling backwards and forwards it happened but it was slow and jumpy. probably just me.

Brenda Grace said...

Thanks Lisa - I noticed the same actually. The bottom one is truer to colour actually and was photographed on the back wall of the box (lights from the side and across the image). The second was photographed on the base (lights from the side and over). It seems clarity versus true colour may be something I need to 'go figure'

Gaby Bee said...

This ATC is amazing...very creative with lots of fabulous details to explore. Love it!


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