Monday, August 1, 2011

Where Have I Been?

Well who would ever have known I would have lost so much time between Blogs certainly not me! 

I have to confess I got completely sidetracked, derailed, lost touch with so many and yet created all sorts of new things in a whole new direction that even I didn't see coming. But fate has a way with just surprising you sometimes in the the most wonderful ways. Just as it seemed a potentially great new journey came to a grinding halt another showed up to replace it that has proven to be a whole new chapter for me and I am loving it.

Since my last Blog entry over a year ago I have actually shopped a lot - no surprises there. As a result got to create a lot - not in my usual arena however albeit just as much fun.  Renovating, interior designing and buliding my own business to keep my once idle hands full again with loads of purpose and meaning.

But deep down in my bones I know I need to come back to create on an artistic level again to balance all things wonderful. I need a hobby again and so can only declare 'some photo's must come' real soon of whatever I create in my currently very dusty studio and share.

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Samantha Marshall said...

Welcome back!!!!

Brenda Grace said...

Thanks Samantha! I have kept up with your eye candy and a select few others. Lovely to hear from you and I am still getting carried away with where to begin!

lisa_crofts said...

Hey brenda good to here from you again. Why not show us photos of decorating. I for one would love to see them. You are always welcome visit for an art journalling class any time you like. Miss you xxxx

Brenda Grace said...

Have a look at my website it's in progress but photos are there . Mostly Reuben House has taken my time to date as it was our latest purchase nearly 12 mths ago now, we are yet to commence the extentions there in the coming months after christmas. The other blogs linked to this one are the individual properties with one more yet to come when I get to it. Must catch up miss you too !


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