Monday, May 24, 2010

More More More - Day Two

Day two but this time at Scrappindipity with Linda, Lorrie and Bec. the whole day was so so relaxing and a lot more time for expolartion with a whole 6 hours of playtime and lunch to keep us sustained. Today we added to the mix some chipboard techniques, along with beads in my case and how to create some stunning paper flowers by Bec.

Every canvas just came a live with totally different takes on the techniques and colours that just drove the senses crasy!

A few details only from todays workshop as I deliberatly did not resin mine just yet as day one resin had some disasters and ruined my work with bubbles reacting to the rusty elements from yesterdays class. Linda is used to using an expoxy resin and we had used a polyurethene resin to keep the toxic smells to a minimum in a class room environment. Additionally as I love my texture paste too much it had not totally dried so under the weight of the resin slowly by morning had collapsed and bled everywhere I am afraid. So this one will hopefully avoid those issues by allowing a few days to totally sure the rusty elemenst were sealed.

More or all of the pictures as usual avaiable on my flickr account as usual so enjoy.

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Jen Crossley said...

Brenda looks like you had a awesome class with Linda,she is such a talented lady.Glad you had fun ,your canvas looks awesome

Svetlana said...

Love the texture on your canvas. Great piece my friend.

Brenda Grace said...

Thanks - it's more about the fun and playtime with colours that makes me happiest I think. About time I settled into one thing for a while somehow and guessing colour needs to be a part of that.

glassyartist said...

Brenda, I saw you piece on the day and it was really stunning, lots of soft pastel pinks, teals, and yellows.I hope that you get the finish you deserve with the final resin pouring!

Samantha Marshall said...

The canvas looks amazing!!!


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