Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Picasa and 'Dud' Photo Saving

Here is a quick photo I took today with my 'just arrived' in the mail  'Mega Macro Lens' of some random flowers in my kitchen. The actual photo shown below wasn't really to my liking at all, as it has just a little macro detail in one corner and blur everywhere else making it an overall 'dud' and  usual 'delete' for me. However I figured I had nothing to lose but time and played around a little with it in a program called 'Picasa'  I had just downloaded in recent days on advice from some firends. Well I am quite excited at the possibilities of this little 'dud' now and all the options I had to play around with. For now it all seems quite endless to say the least. I found myself quite excited how this and so many more photo's could nicely become a background piece in any mix media  / journaling / ATC or even custom jewellery with some little extra fun. The mind boggles as I like being able to create work from my own art work if you know what I mean. O no I feel another urge to go head on into another 'some thing' in the pursuit of creativity - photo editing and mixed media where does it all end I hear you say?

This is the original photo to compare to the 'edited' one above. I actually continued to play around with some more basic creative tools with the edited image as a background and created a collage of our baby conure 'Chu Chi'. Not quite what I have planned for the new background piece but thought I would share another feature of Picasa being the collage feature with you here. However I placed some lovely text on the image and it has not come through into Flicker for me. But you can see it properly here in Picasa online - Enjoy.


Davinia said...

Hi Brenda, the photos are great and would make a lovely background for ATC's etc. Don't you just love picasa, so easy compared to Photoshop. Did you know Carmen and I are photoshop dropouts? We attended about 3 classes and our eyes just glazed over and we pretended we had to leave early for urgent family functions. The most boring teacher on the planet and neither one of us could get a grasp of what he was talking about.

carmen said...

There is no end my dear Brenda. You have entered through the forbidden door of endless possibilities. It's also called "ABYSS OF CREATION".

Karen said...

Hi Brenda, great photos and agree the macro photo would make a great background. I have recently downloaded Picasa also but need to have a proper play, photoshop is so frustrating at times.
Fabulous blog too! Missed you at class on Tuesday, crackle was such fun! Hope you are well?

Brenda Grace said...

Getting better thanks - pleanty of time to do when one is sick and stuck at home - funny that! Boredom gone!


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