Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Hand on My Moo Card

Some of the girls at my last ATC class were rather taken by one of my 'Moo' cards last week. The one in particular having a little metal hand on it that came from a bigger picture. So in my sorting of photo's in my new Free Picasa Program today I came across the photo I had used for that card design and figured I would expand on where the picture actually came from and how 'Moo' works for those of you who asked after my last posting.

Some time last year a dear friend of mine Raelene and I indulged ourselves as one does in a day of shopping at the local craft fair. Well whilst we were initially scrapbooking buddies we found ourselves totally immersed in all things fabric, beady and shiny. Enter our "Wild Women" concept and a theory that we could have play dates creating little women of all sorts of fancy on canvases to adorn our walls. Raelene of course being assured by me that no great sewing skills were critical to achieve a result! She believed me and what a successful day was had by all as it was the school holidays and both her daughter and son had a go too!

After lots of random stitches and rouching and no particular rules at all the end results of our first ever "Wild Women" evolved and above are the snippets of the close up details of mine. Enter "Moo" cards as these photo's are also in my Flickr account and from there I found the link to create "Moo" cards as some of my friends had given out to me to my delight in recent times.

I love the "Moo" card concept because not only are they delightfully collectable, swapable,  practical as a little blog address cards between friends, but I think also doable as a tag for items to sell.  Who could ask for more - o yes and matching stickers too!

So from the Moo website it allows you to utilise a collection of photo's from a source nominated by yourself which in my case was my Flick account. you then get to place a little 'snippet view window' (my terminology there) all over a photo till you find a piece you like and save as your very own card design - toooooo easy and they say in just 4 easy steps here. The marvellous thing about this concept is that you get to do this to as many photos as you like and in my case I printed 5 each of 20 different pictures and had 100 printed. But you can print 100 of the same or 100 completely different ones! All for the same price - no printer around town would consider that even remotely doable and make it fun at the same time!

This was raelene's first attempt at her "Wild Woman". I was totally thrilled given I was contending with " but I don't sew" go figure!

From that day I made up a gift box of Goodies for a friend Trudy's birthday whom managed to create this one all by herself. She didnt even wait for us to get together and learn or share just straight into it!  Trudy is mostly into glass and so adorned her mermaid's hands with glass pieces she had recently fired.

Then there was Joaquin, Raelene's son a total star who created these little delights as the male version of our creations on our play date. He has had so many comments on his work in my Flickr account he has out done me in my own account as a favourite!

You have to love his choice of colours and patterns - it was a lesson for me of what was in my junk box!

Hope you've enjoyed this share - leave me a comment or tick the boxes below to indicate your thoughts to make my day xxx.


carmen said...

What a funky idea. The mind just gets catapulted into all directions with different visions.
I'm looking forward to receive my Moo Stickers.

Barb said...

I just adore your funky art doll assemblages...I am glad I stumbled into your blog.I shall return...vbg


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