Friday, September 18, 2009

What Did I do Today ?????

Resin Class - Beginners 101

Well the day finally arrived I had my chance to learn some resin skills to complete my jewellery pieces I made with Stephanie Lee at the Creative Soul Retreat I did back in March this year whilst in Melbourne. Today I learn't the techniques to place resin in bottle caps on domino's and trinkets. Whilst next week we will be playing with moulds, layering, finishing technques and tinting.

Whilst I have not completed those particular pieces of Stephanies in this first class today I certainly will be getting to them now and posting soon!

The very talented mixed media artist with who I am lucky to only live around the corner from her store - Lorrie Lennox took it upon her brave self to teach Nicole and I(below)  just what we needed to know to get addicted. This is her with her adorable daughter Bec.

These are just a snippet of the photo's of the day - all my class step by step  photo's in order and some minor instructions are on my Flick account in the Jewellery Collection Album so be sure to check them out.

Next week we get to day 2 and finish the items so more to come then. In the meantime I had to leave all my precious new items at the store over night to set so as not to risk damaging the surface on the way home.

Just because I know I will have made way toooooo many trinkets for little ol me - I will post next week a 'give away' from these classes to celebrate my new blog and life in general casue I can. Odd's will be good as it's a new blog so leave a comment on the next resin entry - cause I love comments!


Nic Hohn said...

you look like you are having so much fun.....good for you!

Miss Dot said...

wow, Brenda where did you do this class?

Jen Crossley said...

Wow they look wonderful Brenda Im just starting to do the resin myself


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