Monday, September 14, 2009

Had to Share - De Hua Long - 6yrs

Today I got a lovely surprise in the mail and  just opened a letter from World Vision on  my sponsored child from the Luchun County, Yunnan Province  in the Peoples Republic of China. Inside I found a photo of a very happy little girl who is looking so much better than in her previous photos in recent years in my mind.

Her name is De Hua Long and her birthdate is the same as mine ( less a lot of years of course) which is why when choosing to sponsor a child it was such an easy choice for me on this occaision. Nino and I  have been sponsoring De Hua now for the past 4 years and are so looking forward to her watching her growing up in the years to come and to one day maybe even get to meet her.  I hope you enjoy her photos' as I do.  I think De Hua has a very special smile that signifies hope and real joy.

This is the photo that arrived in the mail today, the first photo is from when we  first started to sponsor Du Hua. Of course being a milliner the hat attracted my attention at first and then the birthdate sealed the deal with a very special attachment in my mind as if it was always meant to be especially considering I had always wanted a girl of my own having only one son myself.
Above is a letter that was sent on behalf  of De Hua's father (who also cannot write ) to tell me some of Du Hua's life. I understand she lives in a village surrounded by mountains and tree's, that the main crops are paddy rice and corn with some vegetables grown in the winter months. They speak Hani minority as thier native tongue and he hopes that I will like his child and be good friends.

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carmen said...

What a beautiful little girl. It must be really rewarding to see her grow up. Hopefully you can meet her one day.


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