Friday, September 11, 2009

Fraser Island - Last Official Days Work

Here was my last Days official work -on the Sunday a canvas, my first in more years than I can remember. It would have to be over 21 years at least since I even used a canvas and if I did I don't still own it anyway. The credit for the design basis really must go to Nic Hohn as the Creative Coach but all the same it does have a 'brenda'  slant for those of you who know me will well see!

Nic actually even had me crochet the wire for the flower - some thing I definatly have never done and tried to get out of doing. Crochet that it is! Never had the patience, teacher or talent as a child for this one as I almost always had my hands in glue or on my sewing machine from the age of 6. I knitted a dress for my favourite doll once but that was about all LOL I have a photo of that one and me with my first toy sewing machine so shall post thsoe for a laugh in the coming week.

More to Follow I promise, It's Nino's Birthday today so I have to keep it brief :)


carmen said...

Those colours are just beautiful. I can't wait for spring to come.

Nic Hohn said...

it was a delight to work with you Brenda!

Lorri said...

Hey Brenda,
So nice to catch up and follow your blog too :)
Absolutely beautiful creations.. and Fraser Island....WOW!!
I want to host a creative retreat, Bec and I have been discussing it a bit lately. I think a cruise is a bit expensive though hahaha
I'm sure we will catch up more on FB now. Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful creations in the flesh. Oh, and your studio- OMG OMG OMG, you lucky duck!!
Hugs xo


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